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More schools are switching to modular

We've been partnering with educators for more than 50 years

The school and classroom environment can have a major impact on your students' learning outcomes and overall wellbeing.  Our expert local teams are here to help you find the right modular solution for your school community - whether you have a permanent or temporary requirement.

When you juggle teaching, paperwork and budgetary concerns every day, you don’t need extra hassles. So when it’s time to expand, you want maximum quality and return on your investment with minimum disruption.

Portacom Building Solutions has a proven record of speedy, no-fuss delivery of our modular and portable building solutions to many clients in the education sector. With testimonials from many different education organisations, you can depend on Portacom Building Solutions. Whether it’s a temporary classroom, an administration office, new housing for staff, a special needs unit or a full teaching and administrative block, we can provide what you need, when you need it.

Our buildings are factory built and transported to your site, ready to use. This means minimal disruption to students, and no delays from bad weather, construction workers or suppliers. Being modular, they can even be placed on just about any site – even on sharp slopes or in oddly-shaped spots.  Whatever your needs, we have a solution that’s fast and affordable.

We work with you to design and build individual classrooms or entire schools.  Our education range includes classrooms, libraries, science and trade centres, multi-purpose halls, canteens, home economic rooms, gyms, music rooms, uniform shops remote staff housing and lecture theatres.

Why choose Interlink Modular for your school?

With a long history of delivering amazing learning spaces to schools all across New Zealand, you can be confident in partnering with Portacom when your school needs great results fast.

  • We can handle the entire project from start to finish - including council approvals, construction and handover
  • Depending on your project, work can be completed over the holidays meaning minimal disruption to the school
  • We can work to your existing and future school needs, considering everything from infrastructure to technology
  • Built to last; each building is made using industrial quality finishes
  • We cater to your needs, whether you need to hire a temporary solution or build a long-term, inspiring space

We create the space. You create the future.

Whatever your school requires now and into the future, Portacom specialises in multipurpose learning centres and infrastructure, to ensure you're well equipped for what may be ahead.

  • Classrooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Early childhood
  • Libraries
  • Science labs
  • School administration

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