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The design experts at Portacom have developed a comprehensive range of transportable, temporary or permanent modular buildings available in a variety of layouts for industrial projects, construction, offices, education facilities and equipment housing.

With over 40 years of experience, Portacom has established itself as the most trusted brand in the industry. We have earned our reputation by consistently delivering modular buildings that are built to the highest standards and engineered to last. 

We offer a wide range of buildings for sale, providing customers with almost unlimited options to choose from. Our commitment to quality ensures that every building we construct is of the highest standard providing durability and longevity. 

Additionally, we also provide a comprehensive range of buildings available for immediate hire. This allows customers to access the buildings they need without the upfront investment or long-term commitment. With the largest hire fleet in New Zealand, Portacom has the capability to meet the demands of projects of any size. 

To support our operations, Portacom operates from two primary manufacturing facilities in Auckland and Christchurch. These facilities are equipped with specialised machinery and staffed by skilled professionals who ensure the precision and quality of each building they produce. Furthermore, we have a network of hire and operations networks nationwide, enabling us to provide unrivaled service and support across the country.

Health & Safety

We prioritise the health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors. We are committed to providing a working environment that effectively controls exposure to potential health and safety issues. Our approach revolves around identifying, assessing and controlling risks and hazards to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. 

Think safe. Work safe. Home safe.

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Helping the environment

At Portacom, we are dedicated to managing and reducing our environmental impact. Our circular modular solutions, waste reduction efforts, focus on maximising useful life, energy efficiency measures, collaboration with suppliers, and commitment to continual improvement all contribute to a sustainable approach that benefits the environment and promotes responsible resource management.

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Strength on a Global Scale

Portacom is part of the Modulaire Group, the leading business service company specialising in modular buildings and spaces. Combining unrivalled skill and adaptability, we enable people to work more productively, improve their quality of life, and enhance their learning. 

Serving more than 49,000 customers globally, with expertise in construction, energy, natural resources as well as industry, business services and infrastructure.

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Safety and Sustainability are important to us too. From a safety perspective, the controlled production environment at our factories greatly contributes to lessening the risk of injury associated with construction. Our buildings are all fitted with insulation and LED or fluorescent lighting, and we're always making design improvements to our fleet to further improve their energy efficiency. 

Most importantly, when you build with Portacom, the building itself is reusable. If you're hiring a building from us for a short or medium term need, you'll rest easy knowing that the same building has been used before and will be used again for another project. 

Modular building is a method of design and construction which produces uniform, multipurpose buildings which can easily be installed and removed to produce a temporary space. Without the need for permanent foundations, the modular concept also inherently lends itself to scaling up and down as the demand for space changes.

The decision to hire or buy will depend on a number of factors. The most important is how long you need them for. If it is for a set period of a project then it makes sense to hire and make the cost of the buildings a project cost and not a capital cost. If you think you will require them for many years to come, then purchasing from our Portacom range may be right for you. Of course, if you need a permanent building or classroom, then we can design something which will be yours forever. However, it is best to discuss this with your local Portacom service centre.

360° Solutions is a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet all your site needs. It covers every aspect from site setup, including furniture for offices, meeting rooms and lunchrooms. In addition to furniture, our 360° Solutions encompass a range of essential services, such as waste tanks for efficient waste management, cleaning services to maintain a hygienic workspace, and damage waivers to give you peace of mind. Just like our buildings, you can hire these products and services for as long as you need them.

Our catalogue is expanding every day so contact your service centre for a complete working space solution.

Yes! Portacom offer standard designs to suit a range of applications such as front offices, staff lunchrooms & classrooms, we also understand that every project has unique requirements. Our team of experts can work closely with you to customise our modular buildings to meet your specific needs, ensuring the utmost functionality and practicality.