Interlink Modular

Modern Learning Environments that Inspire and Engage

Interlink Modular is a national provider of modular learning spaces. Our innovative solutions are sensitively designed to consider acoustics, lighting, movement, accessibility and child safety. 

At Portacom, we understand the dynamic needs of schools and the importance of providing adaptable learning environments. Our modular buildings offer flexible spaces that can easily adjust to changing student populations. These relocatable structures are built to the same high standards as permanent buildings, ensuring they meet all safety regulations.

Designed for durability and low maintenance, our modular solutions allow educators to focus on what truly matters: fostering a thriving educational community. Each classroom is customisable, tailored to fit specific site conditions and educational purposes. Whether you need a single classroom or a multi-room complex, a changeroom or hall facility, our modern modular solutions can be adapted to meet your unique requirements.

We pride ourselves on working closely with schools to understand their needs and create functional, welcoming spaces that support effective teaching and learning. Let us help you build the perfect environment for your students to grow and succeed.

Mangatawhiri School, a reputable school in the Waikato district, required additional classroom space to accommodate their growing number of students.

Hear from the staff and students at Mangatawhiri School who collaborated with Interlink Modular to create a solution that surpassed expectations.