Sustainable Modular Solutions for a Fast Moving World

At Portacom, we want to provide the very best modular solutions which add to the world, our team, our customers and the communities in which we work. Our Environment, Social and Governance goals are our pathway to sustainability.

Through our in-house expertise, we design modular solutions with sustainability in mind. We are committed to using sustainable materials, improving environmental performance wherever possible and delivering a societal benefit through our smart space applications. We also maintain ongoing dialogue with our customers to help support their own sustainability initiatives and targets. 

Our smart spaces can be modified and reconfigured to adapt tp the changing requirements of our customers and their stakeholders, with units easily moved to adapted as the needs of our customers and communities evolve. We continually reuse existing modules during their lifecycle, with refurbishment further extending their life without compromising on quality or performance. 

At the end of their useful economic life, our modules are either sold to further extend their lives or dismantled into components, with up to 96% of material recyclable. In production we use lean manufacturing techniques, strict design specifications and inventory and quality control to limit the amount of waste. The total amount of waste generated from one of our factory-produced modular buildings is around half that of traditional construction. 

Our long term goal is to retain the value of materials and resources indefinitely, with no residual waste at all. At Portacom, we are committed to creating smart spaces for people to work, learn and live, with circularity and sustainability driving our approach.


A key benefit of our modular solutions is the ability to effectively manage and reduce our environmental impact, as well as that of our customers and suppliers. We prioritise the circular nature of our modular buildings to minimise waste and maximise their useful life. 

The reusability, flexibility, and reconfigurability of our modular solutions play a significant role in reducing environmental impact. Our buildings are designed to be fully reusable, allowing them to be dismantled, relocated, and repurposed as needed. This eliminates the need for new construction and reduces waste that would typically be generated in traditional building processes. 

By extending the useful life of our modular units, we significantly reduce the overall environmental footprint associated with building projects. With proper care and maintenance, our units can have a lifespan of over 30 years, and they can be reused multiple times throughout their lifespan. This not only saves resources, but provides a cost-effective solution for our customers.


We believe in the power of creating smart spaces that go beyond mere structures. We understand that our modular solutions have a social purpose, serving as environments where people work, learn and stay. To fulfill this purpose effectively, we prioritise listening, engaging, and collaborating with our customers, employees and communities. 

By working together with our stakeholders, we are committed to making a positive difference to the infrastructure that meets society's changing needs. We believe that collaboration and engagement are the key to creating meaningful spaces that not only address functional requirements, but also foster connection, inspiration and wellbeing. 


Ethical business practices are at the core of our operations. We believe in conducting business in a way that not only benefits our company but also contributes positively to the wider community and environment. This means taking into account the social, environmental and economic impacts of our actions and making responsible decisions that align with our values. 

Our leadership team plays a crucial role in upholding our ethical commitments. They lead by example, ensuring that ethical considerations are integrated into our decision making processes and guiding the company towards responsible and sustainable growth.

Download the Modulaire Group Environment, Social, Governance and Sustainability Report 2023 below.


Each quarter we put together a newsletter outlining our ESG activities and achievements.

Portacom New Zealand Limited is excited, proud and invigorated to announce it has been accredited the Toitú environmark diamond certification. Toitú is a New Zealand based organisation of scientists, environmentalists and business leaders who work to embed best practice environmental management in business and then accredit when mastered. In their hierarchy of accreditations, diamond is the highest level so you can appreciate why we are so excited, proud and invigorated!