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Welcome Lorilee to Portacom

We are thrilled to introduce Lorilee as the newest addition to our team at Portacom.

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Welcome to the team: Getting to know our Territory Sales Manager, Sarah!

We’re thrilled to welcome Sarah Sa’u, who brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for excellence to Portacom.

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Portacom NZ releases 2023 Sustainability Report

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Portacom NZ: A concise history

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Lessons Learned from Customer Feedback in 2023

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Powering Ventia's Project

Powering Ventia's Bradey Road, High Voltage Powerlines Rewiring

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Portacom Attains SiteWise Gold: A Testament to Commitment to Health & Safety

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Substation Upgrade in Te Kuiti

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Navigating the Post-Rental Process: Inspecting Damaged Buildings

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How Portacom's Outstanding Service Builds Customer Loyalty

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Enhancing Learning Environments at Arthur Street School

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Why Portacom is not just another Portacom

Portacom: A name you can trust

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Meet Craig: A True Wellingtonian at Heart

Allow us to introduce you to a true Wellingtonian at heart – Craig!

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Enhancing the RSE Experience

Portacom’s commitment to quality Accommodation in New Zealand

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Gourmet Blueberries Seasonal Workers' Accommodation

Seasonal Workers Accommodation in New Zealand

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Working Spaces Elevated: Portacom's 360° Solutions

Streamline your setup process by choosing Portacom as your supplier for both building and furnishing needs.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Modular Building In Top Shape

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To innovation and beyond: Modern Methods of Construction

Modular construction has evolved, offering efficiency in design and productivity.

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Taranaki Base Hospital

Converting buildings into isolation units

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A diamond celebration

Portacom New Zealand Limited is excited, proud and invigorated to announce it has been accredited the Toitū enviromark diamond certification.

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Ventia New Zealand

Keeping communities connected in New Zealand

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Babcock International

Temporary site facilities for international defence company at Davenport Naval Base

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East Rolleston Kindergarten

Smart and sustainable modular space solutions

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Hutt Valley High School

Modular classrooms offering flexibility, customisation and adaptability.

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Waverley Wind Farm

Local supplier support for Waipipi Wind Farm

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The Benefits of Modular Construction on Difficult Landscapes

What to consider when constructing a building on a sloping or difficult landscape

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Maintaining Your Building: 5 Essential Tips for Longevity

Avoid unexpected charges by maintaining your modular building.