Case Study

Ormiston Primary School


Interlink Modular was engaged by Ormiston Primary School through the Ministry of Education to deliver additional classroom space to accommodate the growing number of students.

When Ormiston Primary needed additional classroom space to accommodate their growing number of students, they engaged Interlink Modular.

However, the project faced challenges due to the landscape and the presence of underground services beneath the chosen location for the buildings - the carpark and netball courts. 

To ensure the safe installation of the buildings, extensive pre-site works were conducted to identify and navigate the underground services. Multiple load testing was carried out to ensure that the chosen area could withstand the weight of the 100-tonne crane required to lift the classrooms. Additionally, a block foundation design was implemented to minimise any disturbance to the ground.

Despite these challenges, Interlink successfully completed the works on site without disrupting the school's normal operations. The project was a great success for both Interlink and Ormiston Primary, with staff and children expressing their satisfaction with the buildings and their overall experience. 

We understand the importance of delivering exceptional outcomes while ensuring minimal disruption to our clients' operations. We strive to overcome challenges and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. 

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