10.8m x 5.9m Classroom

Fluctuations in enrolments and additional space for students and staff happen.  Portacom can accommodate you with our range of modular and transportable teaching facilities.  Portacom continues to help schools throughout New Zealand find fast and cost-effective answers to their expansion requirements. 

Our educational range of buildings includes classrooms, libraries, science & trade centres, administration offices, and halls.

From standard classrooms, learning centres, administration buildings and toilets, to science labs, computer rooms and art studios, Portacom can tailor a temporary solution to suit your exact needs. To give you full flexibility with your budget, hire the space you need now, and work with our designers on a permanent expansion for your school.

Every building offers natural light and passive cooling technology, creating a better environment for the students to read and learn. 

  • Classrooms inclusions list:
    • Under-floor insulation
    • Carpet tile floor covering
    • Wall carpet height dado to match 1500mm below ceiling level
    • All glazing to double glazed toughened safety glass and tinted
    • 1500mm LED batten lights
    • electrical certificate of compliance & WOF
    • PVC Gutters and down pipes
    • Photoluminescence exit signs
    • 3600 x 1200 whiteboard
    • 8.5kw (cooling capacity) Split System
    • data draw wires only
  • National support

    When you choose Portacom, you're selecting more than just a modular space provider – you're partnering with a national leader and a proud member of the Modulaire Group, the largest provider of modular space solutions in the world. With our extensive hire fleet and nationwide network of facilities, we offer unrivaled service and capability.

  • Fast setup

    Portable workers accommodation is quick and easy to set up, reducing the costs of accommodating your workforce across a project or seasonal timelines.

  • Safe & Secure

    Portacom's facilities offer the benefit of enhanced safety and security. Constructed with structural integrity and compliance with safety standards, they prioritise a safe and healthy interior with adequate ventilation and lighting.

  • Transport & Installation

    Ensure safety and compliance by allowing our experienced teams manage the delivery and installation of your modular building.

0 - 25 people

  • 75mm external Bondor wall panel
  • 75mm Bondor roof panel on 6.5 degree pitch w/ overlay
  • 19mm H3.1 T&G plywood flooring on joists at 400 crs.
  • Duragal steel baseframe to support 3kpa live load
  • Wall carpet height dado to match 1500mm below ceiling level
  • Vertiface composite wall covering from widow sill to ceiling level
  • Window sill heights to match dado height. ie. 1490 below ceiling level (low side)
  • W1 - 1650w x 1200h bottom/sliding, top/awning window w. commercial hardware
  • W2 - 1650w x 1200h Sliding w. commercial hardware
  • D1 - 935w Tinted ali glazed door w. commercial hardware and Door closer
  • 1500mm or 1200mm LED batten lights
  • Electrical certificate of compliance & WOF
  • 20a isolator switch in the indicated location
  • Data draw wires only



Portacom has a team of highly qualified, experienced project managers working across New Zealand. Our team will work with you to understand your needs, design a building (or multiple buildings, depending on the size and scope of your project) to meet those needs then actively manage construction and installation for you. All the while they'll keep you updated as your building progresses towards completion.

Yes, We require minimum 24 hours' notice with all approved documentation and PPE as required. Contact your local representative for more info.

Safety and Sustainability are important to us too. From a safety perspective, the controlled production environment at our factories greatly contributes to lessening the risk of injury associated with construction. Our buildings are all fitted with insulation and LED or fluorescent lighting, and we're always making design improvements to our fleet to further improve their energy efficiency. 

Most importantly, when you build with Portacom, the building itself is reusable. If you're hiring a building from us for a short or medium term need, you'll rest easy knowing that the same building has been used before and will be used again for another project. 

The decision to hire or buy will depend on a number of factors. The most important is how long you need them for. If it is for a set period of a project then it makes sense to hire and make the cost of the buildings a project cost and not a capital cost. If you think you will require them for many years to come, then purchasing from our Portacom range may be right for you. Of course, if you need a permanent building or classroom, then we can design something which will be yours forever. However, it is best to discuss this with your local Portacom service centre.

The minimum hire period can change depending on your location and the building you require. As a rule of thumb, the minimum hire period is 6 months. If you need buildings over three years, talk to us about purchase.