Hot Water Service

Flowing hot water can make all the difference to morale. A hot cup of tea or even a shower. Part of Portacom's 360Solutions, our hot water system is a welcomed addition to ever office.

  • Hot Water System Inclusions
    • The hot water system is already plumbed in to lunchrooms
    • Options to add it to a multipurpose building for an office and tea room set up.
    • Portacom's ablutions already include a hot water system 
    • Options to add to a Toilet for hot running taps.
  • 360° Solutions

    Portacom's 360° Solutions is a comprehensive list of services and products which will complete your temporary, project or site office. Get everything you need with one supplier to get the job going and keep it running.

  • National support

    When you choose Portacom, you're selecting more than just a modular space provider – you're partnering with a national leader and a proud member of the Modulaire Group, the largest provider of modular space solutions in the world. With our extensive hire fleet and nationwide network of facilities, we offer unrivaled service and capability.

  • Local service

    Each branch holds a wide range of hire buildings and ancillaries suitable for local businesses, which guarantees a rapid response to customer enquiries. Choose from a standard range of buildings or customise the look and layout to suit your needs. Providing a full turnkey solution, our 360° solutions offer a range of services to establish your site to ensure continued support for the duration of the project.


Portacom's hot water system is automatically included in ablutions and lunchrooms. You can always add them to multipurpose modules or toilets if that is your requirement.

360° Solutions is a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet all your site needs. It covers every aspect from site setup, including furniture for offices, meeting rooms and lunchrooms. In addition to furniture, our 360° Solutions encompass a range of essential services, such as waste tanks for efficient waste management, cleaning services to maintain a hygienic workspace, and damage waivers to give you peace of mind. Just like our buildings, you can hire these products and services for as long as you need them.

Our catalogue is expanding every day so contact your service centre for a complete working space solution.