Rhino Fencing

Rhino Fencing are market leaders in Aotearoa with a reputation for providing tough, secure, and effective temporary site fencing, barrier fencing and security fencing.

Fencing or barrier options include solutions for:

  • Building and construction sites
  • Exhibitions, conventions and trade shows
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Traffic and pedestrian control
  • Public events and special functions
  • Safe, secure and protective fencing

    Our temporary fencing solutions are fit for all types of site needs. We deliver safe, secure and protective fencing or barriers for emergency situations, industrial or special events where permanent fencing is not required or cost effective.

  • Portable, but durable

    Rhino Fencing has a reputation for durability under any site conditions. Steel crossbars and tension wire ensure reinforcement. The design of our metal panels on the fencing makes them easy to install or relocate to any surface, whilst also secure from tampering or removal.

  • Cost-effective

    Whether you require light or heavy-duty options, minimal or extensive in length, Rhino Fencing's temporary and affordable fencing options will suit any project budget. Our service includes delivery and installation to meet even the most demanding deadlines and requests.

  • Fencing solutions with a difference

    We make tough, sturdy fencing that is easy to install or relocate on any surface. Rhino Fencing is solid and never fails in the most intense conditions. Whatever your venue, we guarantee temporary fencing solutions which offer optimal safety, security and protection.

  • Making your fencing solutions easy

    Let our experienced and friendly team organise your temporary fencing and barrier needs so you can get back to organising your project or event.

  • Heavy fence panels (2.4m wide x 2m high)
  • Light fence panels (2.4m wide x 2m high)
  • Braces to stabilise fence panels on sloping sites, during high winds etc
  • Pedestrian gates (1.2m wide x 2m high)
  • Barriers (2m wide x 1m high)


Portacom offers the security and peace of mind of our Building Renter Protection (BRP). Much like a damage waiver on a rental car, BRP is a low-cost alternative to standard property insurance.

Portacom has a team of highly qualified, experienced project managers working across New Zealand. Our team will work with you to understand your needs, design a building (or multiple buildings, depending on the size and scope of your project) to meet those needs then actively manage construction and installation for you. All the while they'll keep you updated as your building progresses towards completion.

Safety and Sustainability are important to us too. From a safety perspective, the controlled production environment at our factories greatly contributes to lessening the risk of injury associated with construction. Our buildings are all fitted with insulation and LED or fluorescent lighting, and we're always making design improvements to our fleet to further improve their energy efficiency. 

Most importantly, when you build with Portacom, the building itself is reusable. If you're hiring a building from us for a short or medium term need, you'll rest easy knowing that the same building has been used before and will be used again for another project. 

Yes, We require minimum 24 hours' notice with all approved documentation and PPE as required. Contact your local representative for more info.