27 June 2023

A diamond celebration

Portacom New Zealand Limited is excited, proud and invigorated to announce it has been accredited the Toitú environmark diamond certification. Toitú is a New Zealand based organisation of scientists, environmentalists and business leaders who work to embed best practice environmental management in business and then accredit when mastered. In their hierarchy of accreditations, diamond is the highest level so you can appreciate why we are so excited, proud and invigorated!

This certification is one more step or tool in our continued work towards our ultimate environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals. So, what are our ESG goals?

So why is the Toitú Enviromark Diamond Certification important in this process?

At the diamond level, companies have a self-sustaining environmental management system. There is a long list of requirements but generally speaking, a self-sustaining environmental management system has policies, procedures, protocols, roles, responsibilities and reporting in place to anticipate, manage and mitigate environmental impacts of operations.

It does sound like a lot of paperwork but as the saying goes, what is measured is managed and this is a critical element to achieving our ultimate goals. 

For our customers and communities in which we work, we hope you feel confidence in selecting Portacom New Zealand Limited as your sustainable modular building provider.

Working together with our colleagues in Australia and Europe, our three main goals are:

  • ESG Goal 1: Reduce Emission

    Reduce carbon emissions by 2.5% p.a. with the ultimate goal of being carbon neutral.

  • ESG Goal 2: Reduce Waste

    Reduce waste to landfill by 30% p.a.

  • ESG Goal 3: Reduce Water

    Reduce our water consumption by 3% p.a.