Case Study

Enhancing Learning Environments at Arthur Street School

Arthur Street School in Dunedin faced a pressing need for additional learning spaces to accommodate its growing student population. 

To address this challenge, the school engaged Portacom to install temporary classrooms and an ablution block. The project was executed in three stages, with the first two classrooms installed in March 2019 and the ablution block in 2022, and the final two classrooms in January 2023.

One of the significant challenges encountered was the sensitive nature of the site. The location was identified as an ancient Māori burial ground, requiring meticulous oversight by an archaeologist during all excavation activities. This added layer of complexity made site works particularly challenging and required a delicate balance between progress and preservation. 

The installation of these classrooms was completed in three phases, each with its own set of challenges. Despite the archaeological constraints, the project team managed to navigate through the complexities efficiently. The site works, which included excavation and foundation prep, took approximately 8 weeks.

The successful installation of the portable classrooms and ablution block as allowed the school to accommodate it's growing student population comfortably. The classrooms offer a comfortable and conducive space for learning, while the ablution block provides essential facilities for students and staff. 

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