13 October 2022

The Benefits of Modular Construction on Difficult Landscapes

There are many requirements that need to be considered before constructing a building on a sloping or difficult site.

Portacom buildings provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution to traditional insitu builds on difficult landscapes due to the adaptability of the footing layout; a feature that can be modified to meet the constraints of the terrain. 

Below provides an insight into the benefits of constructing a modular building as opposed to an insitu build on a difficult landscape.

Reduced costs and construction time

In order to undertake work on the exterior of an insitu building, it is a Health & Safety requirement to provide edge protection and a work platform through the use of scaffolding or a temporary purpose-built structure.

Modular buildings provide an advantage over insitu builds as the majority of the construction is undertaken offsite in a factory, making the process more efficient and cost-effective by reducing the need for extensive scaffolding.

The controlled environment of a factory also means the construction phase is not affected by external factors such as weather. 

Reduced civil work and disturbance to the environment

Modular buildings limit the need to undertake significant expensive civil work including building retaining walls, as the structure is supported by footings, posts and rails, enabling the majority of the landscape to remain untouched.

Cost differences compared to traditional insitu builds

When comparing the cost of a modular building to a traditional build, it is important to take into account the full project costs including time benefits of completing construction and civil works concurrently, and not simply the price per square metre of the building.

Portacom's modular buildings are constructed within a factory, the lack of environmental factors and potential site issues means that Portacom can meet budget and time requirements with ease. 

Modular buildings also have the ability to be moved within the same site or to a new site, resulting in little to no new costs down the track.

What to consider before construction

The benefit of modular solutions over traditional builds is the ability to easily adapt the footing layout of the building to suit the constraints of the landscape.

Considering the limitations of the site and providing onsite surveying is part of the service, including identifying potential site hazards and organising site entry for construction equipment.

For particularly tricky landscapes, such as those with high snowfall, please contact Portacom directly to organise a site visit and discuss the best options. 

Consider Portacom Building Solutions for your need build or temporary building need.