6m Ablution


Whether you are hiring or buying a Portacom ablution or other amenities, it is a quick and affordable way to get things up and running smoothly.  We can arrange everything from delivery and site installation to disconnection and removal when your requirement is finished.

  • Steel base
  • Durable vinyl floor coverings
  • Hinged panel exterior door
  • Aluminum framed sliding windows

A selection of other configurations are available for hire and sales.

All Portacom ablution units must be connected to a mains sanitary sewer system or septic tank.

  • 50mm external Bondor wall panel
  • 50mm internal Bondor wall panel
  • 50mm Bondor roof panel on 3.0 degree pitch
  • 17mm H3.1 T&G plywood flooring on joists at 600 crs.
  • Duragal steel baseframe
  • Vinyl floor covering
  • all glazing to be single glazed
  • W1 - 750w x 400h awning window - obscure glass
  • D1 - 760w panel door w. deadbolt/fortune latch (non-lock)
  • D2 - 610w panel door
  • 18w button LED light as shown
  • 15L hot water cylinder
  • 120mm coved vinyl
  • electrical certificate of compliance
  • all light switches & power outlets in wet areas to be ip rated