6m x 3m Ablution

With our extensive range of portable toilets, showers and ablution blocks, you can trust us to provide the necessary facilities for your project. 

All our portable buildings are designed for easy mobility, and comply with industry standards. All Portacom ablution units must be connected to a mains sanitary sewer system or septic tank.

We have a range of Male and Female amenities available in various sizes for hire and sale, including;

  • 2m x 2m
  • 3.6m x 2.5m
  • 4.8m x 3m
  • 6m x 2.5m
  • 7.2m x 3m
  • Ablution block inclusions list:
    • 12w button LED light as shown
    • 15L hot water cylinder
    • 120mm coved vinyl
    • Electrical certificate of compliance
    • All light switches & power outlets in wet areas to be IP rated
    • Vinyl floor covering
    • Taps run cold water only
  • Safe & Secure

    Portacom's facilities offer the benefit of enhanced safety and security. Constructed with structural integrity and compliance with safety standards, they prioritise a safe and healthy interior with adequate ventilation and lighting.

  • Local service

    Each branch holds a wide range of hire buildings and ancillaries suitable for local businesses, which guarantees a rapid response to customer enquiries. Choose from a standard range of buildings or customise the look and layout to suit your needs. Providing a full turnkey solution, our 360° solutions offer a range of services to establish your site to ensure continued support for the duration of the project.

  • Speed to Site

    Establish functional and flexible site facilities faster, ensuring operational continuity and meeting project timelines.

  • 360° Solutions

    Portacom's 360° Solutions is a comprehensive list of services and products which will complete your temporary, project or site office. Get everything you need with one supplier to get the job going and keep it running.

1 - 20

  • 50mm external Bondor wall panel
  • 50mm internal Bondor wall panel
  • 50mm Bondor roof panel on 3.0 degree pitch
  • 17mm H3.1 T&G plywood flooring on joists at 600 crs.
  • Duragal steel baseframe
  • all glazing to be single glazed
  • W1 - 750w x 400h awning window - obscure glass
  • D1 - 760w panel door w. deadbolt/fortune latch (non-lock)
  • D2 - 610w panel door
  • all light switches & power outlets in wet areas to be ip rated

* North Island and South Island specifications may vary.


Portacom's hot water system is automatically included in ablutions and lunchrooms. You can always add them to multipurpose modules or toilets if that is your requirement.

Yes it is possible if the site layout and accessibility allow. Additional crane charges will apply so it is best to have everything installed at the same time.

Portacom offers the security and peace of mind of our Building Renter Protection (BRP). Much like a damage waiver on a rental car, BRP is a low-cost alternative to standard property insurance.

If your site has official access to the sewer infrastructure, we can arrange for an authorised plumber to connect the waste directly to the civil sewer system, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free experience for your site.

For sites without access to a sewer system, such as greenfield locations, we provide waste tanks as an alternative solution. These tanks are delivered along with the buildings, offering a self-contained waste management system. To ensure uninterrupted operation and prevent overflowing waste tanks, we also schedule regular pump-out services.

Modular buildings offer a unique advantage: they can be seamlessly interconnected to create a spacious and functional complex that caters to your needs. Whether you require additional modules to accommodate a growing workforce or need to downsize due to changing demands, our modular buildings can adapt to your evolving circumstances.