Andrew Simms Vehicle Clearance Centre

Temporary Office Assists with Sales Success

The challenge  

Customers of Andrew Simms Botany are used to high-class facilities.  It’s a state-of-the-art vehicle experience centre includes an airline-lounge-style customer service area; complete with café and playground.
So when it came time to set-up a separately located vehicle clearance centre, it was important that the motor vehicle dealer had the facilities to continue offering top-quality customer service.
“We had the warehouse to put the vehicles but no office or customer service area, which are facilities that help us to provide the kind of service and support are famous for,” says Hans Roukemea, Sales Manager at Andrew Simms Botany.

“Building a new centre from scratch seemed impractical,” continues Hans.  “Our clearance is only temporary, and we had to get operations underway immediately.”

The solution 

Picking the temporary, portable building market-leader to help was a no-brainer, explains Hans; it made sense financially and strategically he says.   
“It was an easy choice for us as to who to turn to.  We didn’t try anyone else, we called Portacom Building Solutions who responded with professionalism and urgency to our requests.”

The specifications includes a main area with its reception desk and customer area was partitioned to create a kitchen and separate offices at both ends, giving staff the option to meet in private with customers.
Clinton Meyer, Sales & Hire Consultant at Portacom Building Solutions says that despite the building being bespoke, it was still constructed and delivered within three weeks, which is the time it takes to build standard hire buildings. 
We built a new hire building from scratch and this allowed us to increase the width and easily add in the floor to ceiling windows and doors to give those working in the office more visibility to the car yard.  

The result  
Impressed with the building and the service,  Andrew Simms Botany will be extending its hire lease for another year as it brings more vehicles to its vehicle clearance centre.

“Our temporary office has done us proud and is helping our clearance to be the success it is.”
“Our staff of five enjoy in there, and it's giving our customers a clean, tidy and warm place to sit and enjoy a drink when they visit us.”