Chaffers Marina Clyde Wharf

Temporary accommodation assists in waterfront redevelopment

Public accessibility, high-quality buildings and public spaces for people to live, work and play combine to make the regeneration of Wellington’s Clyde Quay Wharf the most recent successful redevelopment along Wellington’s waterfront.

More than six years in planning and a further two and a half years in construction, the award-winning Clyde Quay Wharf development, valued in excess of  $160 million, was completed in mid-2014 – Wellington City Council City Shaper developed the public space and Willis Bond & Co developed the building. The building comprises of a mix of commercial uses on the ground floor and 75 apartments above. 

On-site facilities required
To enable redevelopment of the old ‘Overseas Passenger Terminal’ building, Wellington City Council City Shaper had to temporarily accommodate the last remaining tenant, Chaffers Marina Ltd, during construction and prior to it re-occupying the new space.
Project director Michael Faherty of Wellington City Council says: “It was an important requirement that the tenant be accommodated in close proximity to its existing premises so it could still service its clients who regularly use the adjacent marina.” 

Seeking temporary, robust buildings

Wellington City Council’s City Shaper had successfully used Portacom Building Solutions for a variety of building needs and Mr Faherty says that they were top-of-mind when it came to providing yet another temporary accommodation solution.
“They can provide the kind of low maintenance, cost-effective solution we require,” he said.  “What’s more, their buildings are physically robust and able to withstand the harsh maritime conditions that the Wellington harbour can dish out.”
“Also, after contacting Adrian Withell, our local Wellington rep, we had confirmation they had a range of building sizes in stock that we could purchase, have fitted out and delivered right away.” 
“Three buildings were delivered without any hiccups – one was made up of office and reception space with a small kitchenette, the second as a male bathroom and toilet facility and the third as a female bathroom and toilet facility with a laundry incorporated.” 
“The buildings allowed us to easily rehouse Chaffers Marina Ltd and free up the Overseas Passenger Terminal so the developers could start work.”
Mr Faherty explains that Portacom Building Solutions worked collaboratively with the Councils’ building contractors and structural engineers to set up the buildings on site.

Practical accommodation

“The temporary space was functional and did a great job of accommodating Chaffers Marina Limited during the project redevelopment. Adrian was fantastic to deal with and made the whole process easy.  And when it came time to sell the office building and transport it to the buyer, he kindly helped me with appropriate information such as weight, lifting points to help make it happen.”


"They can provide the kind of low maintenance, physically robust and cost effective solution we require."

- Michael Faherty, Project Director, Wellington City Council